CEO Clubs Texas

Attend an Awesome Event Thursday, March 5th:

  1. Learn proven ways to grow, improve & enjoy your business – and life
   2. Meet & hear two Awesome Speakers (Both accomplished CEO’s)
   3. Meet and network with CEO’s, Executives, Biz Owners & Entrepreneurs
   4. Enjoy an Awesome tour, lunch and making friends
 Contact me if any questions. Seating is Limited and you’re encouraged to register now while tickets are available. This is an event you will enjoy, benefit from in many ways and long remember.

Event Details

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Mark your calendar now for Thursday, March 5th, 9 am to noon. Network and tour afterward.

Attend, listen/learn, network, make new friends, enjoy lunch and lets explore ways we can inspire each other and work together for greater personal and professional accomplishment. 

I appreciate your support and attendance at our past CEO & Spotlight Events. It would be great to see you March 5th and I hope our paths cross often in 2020.

Warmest Regards,
John Brown, Chairman
CEO Clubs Texas
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